Finally, an easy, truly automated marketing platform.


This is our (short) story. We are marketers and bleed technology. After utilizing dozens of marketing platforms to help our clients manage their  campaigns, we learned that the current crop of platforms out there are extremely hard to use. More than that, they require you to be a fairly seasoned marketer, but no matter how great a job you did setting up your campaigns, it always falls upon you to analyze the results and make decisions on what to do next to maximize your ROI. We set out to change that, so we developed Gain.

Beyond analyzing, we decided to create a tool that could take all the data that your business is already collecting and make it automatically work for you. Using our core technology, Gain utilizes all the relevant data points from your business platform including, but not limited to, analytics, inventory, conversion, revenue, etc. and makes real-time intelligent marketing decisions that are tied to your business goals.

One platform, many industries. 

Gain is currently in private beta and it's currently scheduled to launch publicly on April 2013 with products tailored to two industries, E-Commerce and the Publishing Industry. If your company fits these industries we'd love to tell you more, so go ahead and contact us now for a demo or sign up for the Beta Program below.


Efficient automated marketing platform for E-Commerce and Daily Deals companies. Using our core technology, Gain for E-Commerce learns about your store and executes marketing campaigns based on the following:

  • Store sales history by items
  • Revenue per SKU
  • Customer demographic data
  • Campaign performance data

Utilizing our core technology we developed our automated marketing platform for publishing companies. Gain for Publishers creates and executes marketing campaigns to bring relevant users to your site using actionable data as:

  • Trending content on social channels
  • Activity on publisher's content
  • Analytics data
  • Content performance data

Learn more or join the beta program today.

To learn more or to join our beta program and be one of the first to bring your marketing to a new level, contact us or write your email here.